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Since 2020

Egyptian automotive joint-stock company which is associated with Great Auto in China.


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Who We Are

Great Automotive Company for Trading & Industry (GACTI), founded in 2020, is an Egyptian automotive joint-stock company which is associated with Great Auto in China, and is headquartered in Cairo, Egypt.

The company was formed by a group of well-established and successful businessmen who share a common vision of building a strong and efficient transportation support system to better serve Egypt in its long-term strategy of sustainable development and protecting the environment.

GACTI’s association with Great Auto, gives it unique access to the company’s commercial vehicle line which is ideally suited for the Egyptian market due to ease of adaptability to CNG and low-emissions requirements .

What We Do

Our aim is to become the premier Egyptian Automotive Company by providing the most efficient and sustainable transportation solutions for the mass transport market. We know and understand the Egyptian market… and we are firm believers in environmental preservation and social development as national priorities.

Our business model aims at improving and enhancing employment and social development by promoting a labor force that is highly skilled. We also promote an efficient and inclusive labor structure.
Our key specializations are primarily in the fields of Commercial Vehicles and After-Sales.

This allows us to develop large networks of service centers, each operating independently, but with centralized management control and decision-making. We intend to capitalize on this knowhow to establish one of the country’s strongest networks and to become an active partner with the government of Egypt in the development and improvement of its mass transportation market, with particular emphasis on its Micro-bus Replacement Program.

The services we offer through our network are managed by dedicated automotive professionals who are experts and highly specialized in their respective fields. This allows us to provide a complete range of high-quality solutions ranging from rapid maintenance.

The company’s primary activities are based on four operational pillars:



Our product portfolio incorporates a wide array of commercial vehicles and transportation solutions for multiple applications across most of the main industries. As we at GACTI strive to spearhead the energy transformation of the commercial vehicles sector in Egypt, we focused on the micro-bus segment due to its prevalent use by the different municipalities. Our first phase starts with micro-buses which are optimal for various applications and services such as public transport, ambulances, mobile service vehicles, catering vans, etc…. These models feature either high or low ceilings to accommodate the different applications. We can tailor our products and develop almost any modifications by the manufacturer, based on customer needs and requirements. One of the key factors that is geared toward customer satisfaction and peace of mind, is our excellent warranty support. It is a fundamental philosophy at GACTI that we will provide a safe and comfortable ownership experience for our customers. GREAT AUTOMOTIVE CO. FOR TRADING & INDUSTRY We currently offer 2 variants of micro-buses, namely a dual gasoline / CNG (built-in compressed natural gas) system, and a second version with a highly efficient gasoline engine which is capable of future modification to CNG. All engines are designed with the highest quality and engineering standards and meet emission regulations that are in line with environmental. Our concern regarding environmental issues facing the country provides us with a unique opportunity to collaborate with the Egyptian government’s initiative of improving its mass transport system through its Vehicle Replacement Program. We intend to work closely with the government in order to keep pace with their requirements and to ensure that we provide vehicles which meet or exceed the specifications necessary for all conversions to cleaner engines.

  • We do not compromise when it comes to quality and safety of any vehicle we sell. Our vehicles
  • feature all the necessities to make them comfortable and safe to use such as spacious seating,
  • air-conditioning and all the standard safety and comfort fittings and accessories. For example, to
  • ensure comfort and safety for all passengers in our micro-buses, the 15-passenger model includes
  • seatbelts, headrests, armrests as standard, in addition to many other features. The attention to
  • details and standards is inherent in each vehicle we put on the road.


December 2023